Review: Magnifier Free 3D Lens offers nice, if inconsistent, features

Make text bigger and easier to read on your smartphone using Magnifier Free 3D Lens.

Magnifier Free 3D Lens tries to replace a traditional magnifying glass by using your gadget's camera to make text bigger and easier to read. It certainly works in a pinch, but it fails to truly make things easier to read. It will make your text bigger, but that's not always better when you're having trouble reading it.

This app uses your camera's digital zoom to make any text you read with your phone bigger. That means it depends wildly on how good your camera is. Sadly, Magnifier Free 3D Lens will still sometimes make text unnecessarily blurry and choppy even if you have a great smartphone camera. Sudden movements make the app distort your text. If you can hold your phone very steady, you can get a decent view, but the bright light and slight blur will hurt your eyes if you stare at it for too long. Much of the app's screen is taken up by ads and the app's menu. The menu buttons do let you use the app as a camera or a flashlight, though.

Magnifier Free 3D Lens offers some nice features, but it doesn't work consistently enough. If this app is any indication, your magnifying glass is one gadget your smartphone won't be able to replace.

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