Review: InstaSplitPic takes two pictures in one and even adds neat filters

Combine multiple pictures on your Android gadget with this stylish filtering app.

Not many apps stitch two photos together the way InstaSplitPic does. It creates a cool image that you can then filter just like you would in Instagram or any similar app. It's missing a few landmark features, as well as any user guidance, but it's definitely a great app that most smartphone photographers should have in their toolkit.

Since the app doesn't have a tutorial, you have to wing it to figure out how to take the best shot. When you first load it, it shows you four styles of shot you can take with the app. Once you've snapped the pictures, you can retroactively slide fisheye, metallic, and other filters onto your creation. InstaSplitPic isn't just a neat way to combine two or three pictures into a collage. It can add a weird, surreal effect to a picture if you take the same shot two or three times. Ads have a bad habit of getting in the way of the app's smaller buttons, which can make editing difficult, but the results were still fun to create and view. It's easy to share the image on any social network, too.

While you won't want to take every picture this way, it's a cool effect when you do it right. InstaSplitPic would be easier to use with a Help file, but you'll have fun figuring it out, and your reward will be really unique shots that many other apps just can't match. That's a welcome change from other Insta-apps that just seem to piggyback on the name but don't offer much.

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