Review: GeoGlance Wallpapers HD offers hundreds of gorgeous, hi-res wallpapers

Easily browse some of the most stunning wallpapers you'll ever see with GeoGlance Wallpapers HD.

GeoGlance Wallpapers HD offers hundreds of stunning wallpapers that take you all over the world. The menus and settings in this application are just as stylish as the backgrounds. If you want to decorate your home screen, there aren't many better places to look than this app.

This application displays some of the best photos from a photoblog of the same name. All of the wallpapers are presented in a smooth, snappy menu with plenty of style. Even the more high-demand photos don't slow it down. There are multiple ways to view the wallpapers, so it's really easy to find a great one. Once you do, you can set it as your wallpaper right from GeoGlance Wallpapers HD, with no need to download. You can even turn it into a Facebook cover with ease. It would be awesome if the app let you randomly pick one or rotate them on a schedule. However, you can't complain much considering what you're getting with this awesome app.

If you like nature-themed wallpapers, you probably won't find a better pack of wallpapers on the Android market than the one available with the GeoGlance Wallpapers HD app.

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