Review: Funny Face Effects lets you warp and twist your photos

Turn your friend's (or your own) face into a hideous mess with Funny Face Effects.

Funny Face Effects lets you melt, bloat, and warp your face into all sorts of bizarre images. This app is fun for a little while, but you'll probably wipe it from your device once you see all the ads it brings with it.

Before you can get started, the app tries to get you to agree to let it install nasty ads. These mostly take over your browser, so you might miss them if you don't surf with Android's default browser. Though it's called Funny Face Effects on the Google Play store, it appears as "Face Warp" everywhere else (except in your app locker, where it's "Face Wrap.") You'll need a separate camera app, but you can load images right into the editor. You also can load pictures from Facebook if you log in with your account. When you're editing, it's hard to tell what a swipe, pinch, or swirl of your fingers will do to the picture, and there's no way to go back once you make a change. That actually adds to the fun, since you never know what you'll come up with as the images get weirder and weirder. The ad intrusion is the main complaint here, and it can be intrusive enough to turn off some users.

For Android users who are willing to sacrifice their browser space for ads, Funny Face Effects is easy to use and the results are, if not hilarious, certainly odd enough to be interesting.

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