Review: Effecto Photo Editor edits photos well with many stylish filters and effects

Add filters and high-end edits to your smartphone's photos using Effecto Photo Editor.

While it certainly won't win any style awards, Effecto Photo Editor brings some quality edits to your gadget's photos. It's not a replacement for some of the more social editors or for all-in-one apps, but it has lots of ways to touch up your photos. The multiple layers of customization are where it really shines, though.

The app doesn't do itself any favors with its 90s-grunge layout. Once you get past its looks, though, you'll notice plenty of great features. The app offers cropping, retouching, and other goodies that will make your photo look better. There are a ton of stylish filters, borders, and effects you can use to add style to your photos. In fact, Effecto Photo Editor has so many things you can do to your photo that it has to load them every time you open it. This only takes a few seconds, but it is a little annoying over time. You'll also have to close a pop-up before you get to the editing area. It would be nice if the app offered a camera, so you wouldn't have to use a second app to snap photos.

Not every app is trying to be an all-in-one photo app. And though the pop-ups and its old-school layout kill some of the app's appeal, Effecto Photo Editor boasts enough features to rival many other photo editors. If you're not already using Snapfish or Instagram, this app is worth a try.

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