Review: Color SMS Text Message Friends adds highlights to your texts

Decorate your texts with various colors, fonts, and backgrounds using Color SMS Text Message Friends.

Color SMS Text Message Friends lets you send texts in color, but your friends need to have the app installed, as well, in order to see the colorful messages. If you can convince your social circle to add it, then you might get a kick out of this application.

When you first start using Color SMS Text Message Friends, only a handful of its colors and about half of the available fonts are unlocked. If you want to use them all, you have to surrender a dollar. The app's layout is a little plain, but it does make inputting and modifying text remarkably easy. There are options to change the color, style, and size of your text, as well as to insert a background image. You can preview your message before sending it, too. You can send your text right from the app, but it won't show up in color in the recipient's mailbox unless they already have this application installed. That means you have to share the app with everyone you know in order to send texts in color.

Color SMS Text Message Friends seems to be an interesting application if you like to decorate your texts or send messages in different colors and fonts. The free version doesn't offer too many features, but the upgrade is cheap for those who plan to use the app frequently.

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