Review: Wise Program Uninstaller Portable solves problem program issues

Force stingy programs off of your computer with this portable download.

Wise Program Uninstaller Portable forces annoying programs off of your computer, but it comes with its own nuisances, too. There are some weird pop-up ads to put up with and it doesn't delete programs quickly. However, it's helpful in a pinch and is nice to have since you can stick it on a USB drive to take with you.

This program downloads as an executable file, which may make your anti-virus software flag it as suspicious. During testing, the program didn't behave suspiciously, but it did bring an unnecessary pop-up ad out of nowhere. It was for a "newsletter" advertising the developer's other programs. Wise Program Uninstaller Portable has a neat layout that can show you how other users have rated the programs. However, you have to rate a program before you get to see what marks other users have given it. The sleek, cool layout doesn't make it delete programs any faster, either. "Force uninstalling" programs sometimes take minutes on end. Sadly, you still have to wait until one program finishes before trying to delete another. The programs do eventually go away, though.

Wise Program Uninstaller Portable probably isn't useful enough to match rivals like PC Decrapifier. However, its portability turns out to be its saving grace. It makes it the ideal program to stick on a first aid kit-style USB drive.

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