Read: Norton Zone's cloud storage offers all style, no speed

Share your files on multiple gadgets with this cloud-storage app.

Norton Zone offers a stylish cloud storage solution with plenty of space, but it could be faster. It runs neck and neck with names like Dropbox and Google Drive in terms of features. Its performance is just as smooth and it works on plenty of different gadgets. However, it's not as fast or as flexible as its rivals, which is a major downfall.

Norton Zone makes you sign up for an account during the install process, but it doesn't take long. Once you have one, you can manage your files over the Web, and on your smartphone or tablet, in addition to your PC. You start with 5GB of storage, which is standard among competitors. If you want to upgrade, it costs $5 per month (or $50 annually) to bump up to 20GB. That's a little steep since you can snag more from other popular apps for the same price. The desktop app does have a very smooth layout, though. Plus, sharing and storing files uses the same drag-and-drop style you're already used to. However, files take longer than you'll probably expect to transfer. It took about 15 minutes for an eight-song album to fully move to Norton's server. That's not dreadfully slow, but it isn't faster or more convenient than e-mail. Luckily, that's the only place where this application misses the mark.

If you can live with just 5GB of storage, there's plenty of reasons to give Norton Zone a shot.

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