Review: Degraggler Portable defragments single files, folders, and more

Use Defraggler Portable to increase the useable area on your hard drive and allow faster access to programs that are used often.

Defraggler Portable allows even the most novice computer user to customize the defragmentation process. The program comes as a free full-featured defrag program, available for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Defraggler Portable downloads as a ZIP file. There's no need for installation or a lengthily setup, since you can start the program by just double-clicking the EXE file. What distinguishes this program from other defrag programs is the inclusion of a list of files and folders that are stored as fragmented entities. You can choose any of these files or folders to defrag specifically or you can defrag the entire drive. You can also choose to move large, unused files to the end of the drive so that other more frequently-used programs can be accessed faster. In addition to the advanced defrag functions, this program also monitors the overall health of your computer, giving you data on the CPU temperature, hard drive hardware information, seek time, read error rate, spin-up time, seek error rate, and load cycle count, among other HD data. There is an accessible drive map, which allows you to watch the defrag process as it happens as well as a search feature that allows you to identify files by size or by name. The program has wonderful online help features, including a FAQ and community forums. Priority support by e-mail is available for a fee.

Cleaning up fragmentation of an entire disk usually takes a great deal of time. Defraggler Portable makes this process hassle-free, even for novice users. It's portable, free, and easy to use.

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