Review: CCleaner Slim optimizes and cleans your system and registry

Use CCleaner to free up your disk space, remove unused files, and clean your registry.

As an all-in-one system cleaner, CCleaner Slim consists of different utilities designed to help the user streamline their computer responsiveness. The program was very easy to install and has a small footprint.

CCleaner Slim is a comprehensive system cleaner that takes care of registry problems and startup issues, and analyzes your computer for all sorts of issues that can slow your computer responsiveness, significantly. It will also help you find duplicate files so that you can eliminate extras from your computer. It can monitor your Internet activity for harmful sites and integrates well with Adobe Photoshop and Real Player. It is unfortunate that this program has a not-so-intuitive interface. A novice user might not understand the importance, significance, or the intricacies of the various tools offered. The registry cleaner gives the user the chance to choose specific areas of the registry to scan and repair, but there is no option to restore the registry to its prerepair state in case the user makes a mistake. The "Tools" and "Options" buttons both contain additional tools, but that is not clear unless you click on "Options." It is also not clear exactly what the cleaner is doing to your files. There is no option to search with specific search terms among the numerous files that are listed after analysis, so you must go through the entire list to make sure essential files are not deleted or cleaned.

CCleaner Slim can be useful for the advanced computer user, if they are willing to take the time to go through large generated lists of files. Without the ability to undo actions, novice users should skip this one.

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