Review: AOMEI Backupper provides one-stop imaging of all parts of your system

Make sure your system, disk, and partitions are properly and comprehensively imaged with AOMEI Backupper.

AOMEI Backupper provides the user with the ability to back up not only their disks and partitions, but their boot sectors and system files, as well. This utility is for more advanced users who are sure of what they need.

The app is ready to go as soon as it's installed. The user guidance for this program is extensive, including a full set of tutorials on the company's Web site. The program, itself, links to the tutorials, and there is a tutorial for every feature in the program. Backing up the main disk and boot partitions requires a good deal of space, although the user is given three compression options. The user is also given the option of doing an "Intelligent backup," which uses less space and takes less time. You may choose the VSS protocol to back up your disk. VSS allows the user to back up their data in the background while freeing up application resources. Unfortunately, if you need to cancel your backup, the "Cancel" button is non-responsive, necessitating ending the process via Task Manager. AOMEI Backuppper also gives users the ability to restore their data, clone their data to another disk, and view the image for integrity in a virtual partition as if it were a real disk.

AOMEI Backupper can be a great utility for a more advanced user. This is an easy application to use for beginners as well, but even with the useful tutorials, it may best be left in more expert hands.

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