Review: Anvi Browser Repair Tool controls and repairs your IE browser

Gain control over your IE browser functionality and repair IE problems with the click of a button using Anvi Browser Repair Tool.

Anvi Browser Repair Tool helps IE users optimize, clean, and repair their browser when they believe it has been compromised. This tool performs well and offers many options that will appeal to all IE fans.

Anvi Browser Repair Tool comes as an EXE file and the installation completes very fast. By default, it will add other software to your PC, so uncheck the box during install if you don't want the extras. Once you finish the setup, the program welcomes you to a well-designed and self-explanatory interface. When it comes to options, this program offers the ability to block pop-ups, enable Internet options, set IE as the default browser, display or hide favorites, restore the IE homepage of your choice, and many other functions with one click of a button. At the same time, this program repairs a variety of IE-specific problems, easily, such as clearing BHO plug-ins and repairing file associations among others. Each of these items is a toggle in the main window. There is also an option to reset the DNS settings. The fixes of your choice are completed with one click of a large, obvious Fix button. During testing, repair was done very fast and the program seemed to operate without any glitches. Additionally, the program featured options for both Firefox and Chrome repair, as well, but these didn't seem to work in this version.

Anvi Browser Repair Tool can be a useful tool for advanced users who understand what should and should not be happening to their browser.

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