Review: 4Sync lets you store all of your files and music in its spacious cloud

Stash your documents and music files with this nifty app.

4Sync offers more space and just as much style as most of the popular cloud-storage apps. It is a little costly to expand, but it's hard to beat 15GB of storage right out of the box. If nothing else, it's worth having around to keep a few dozen photos or CDs from clogging up your hard drive.

This app gives you a very beefy 15GB of storage, which is three times what Dropbox, Google Drive, and other cloud apps give you. It not only works on your computer, but on your tablet and smartphone, as well, thanks to Android and iOS apps. However, if you want more storage, you have to pay up. $6.25 gets you 100GB, which will end up costing you way more in the long run than other apps. Working with the app uses the same drag-and-drop functionality of any desktop cloud app. As an added bonus, you can right-click any file or folder and send it straight to your 4Sync folders. It takes a while to get there, though. You're better off working on something else if you're moving a big file or folder over to the app.

If you don't mind adding another cloud-storage app to your life, 4Sync is a great option. It works just as neatly as its competitors, offers a stunning amount of free storage, and lets you use any gadget you want to access your files.

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