Review: Xmarks for Safari syncs your bookmarks across different computers

Keep all of your bookmarks safe and available on different computers with Xmarks for Safari for Mac.

For users with multiple computers, Xmarks for Safari for Mac is a handy tool that keeps all your bookmarks backed up and in sync across different computers. The application requires registration of an online account through which the backup and sync are done.

It takes only a few minutes to install this application and get it running. This application comes with its own installer, uninstaller, and a readme file. The installation will take around 3MB of space on your hard drive and it will install Xmarks for Safari for Mac in your Applications folder, as a preference pane, and as an add-on in your Safari browser. After installation, you will be greeted by a wizard that will quickly guide you through the setup process. To start using this application you need to create an Xmarks account. All backup and synchronization of your bookmarks is done via this online account. To start backing up and syncing your bookmarks across computers you need to install this application on each computer you are using and log into your account. Additionally this application offers both online and mobile access, which means that you will be able to have access to all of your bookmarks even when on-the-go. However, if you wish to have access and sync your bookmarks to your mobile phone you need to sign up for an Xmarks Premium, which is a paid service. During testing the application performed well and we experienced no glitches or missed bookmarks.

Xmarks for Safari for Mac installs and operates without any problems on multiple computers and offers convenience to users who frequently change computers but like to keep their bookmarks in sync.

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