Review: Visual Watermark protects your work by adding a copywright notice

Create a copyright notice by applying text or a logo to your images, using Visual Watermark Free for Mac.

Visual Watermark Free for Mac helps protect your work from unauthorized or improper use by applying a copyright notice on a single photo or a group of photos. While the software could use some visual improvements, it performs this task well.

Visual Watermark Free for Mac allows you to quickly apply both text and logos to your work. You can complete the installation with an easy drag and drop in your Applications folder. The interface isn't much to look at, but it is easy to use and well organized. One quirk we found was that you can't seem to change the folder view; therefore, you are only able to see all your files listed by name rather than thumbnails, which is a downside if you plan to apply a copyright notice onto specific images. You can't press the spacebar to preview your images, either, so that could prove tedious if you're trying to watermark only one image from a photo shoot. Applying text is very simple, though, with easy controls to change the font, color, size, and transparency. You can also apply an image as a copyright mark so you can use your own business logo. You are able to customize the image position, size, and transparency. Exporting the final image is done in just a few steps. You can choose between keeping the same format or exporting in one of the other supported formats such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP. After the watermark has been applied you can preview the result. We tested the app on several images and experienced no loss in quality compared to the original files.

Despite the folder view issue, Visual Watermark Free for Mac offers a great solution for users with online portfolios such as photographers, digital artists, and graphic designers who want to protect their work from illegal and unauthorized use.

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