Review: Safari Cookies easily manages cookies and other Web files

View and delete tracking cookies with the Safari Cookies for Mac add-on.

As an add-on for Apple's Web browser, Safari Cookies for Mac adds more features for managing and removing unwanted cookies, databases, and other programs. Since native features for managing cookies in most browsers often feel incomplete and may not perform all of the tasks needed, this add-on will be useful to most Mac users.

The application installed easily into the Safari browser. Safari Cookies for Mac add-on works in the background, but it does have an operation preferences menu. This contained several tabs for each of the application's functions. A cookies tab brings up a list of those found on the computer, which may be extensive depending on how often they are removed. Additional menus for flash cookies and databases have similar lists where users can designate which items to remove. The program can also delete all that are not associated with a bookmark or favorite page, which is a great feature for those with large numbers of cookies. Deleting standard cookies completed quickly, but the flash cookies and databases took much longer. As another helpful feature, the program's About menu contains a long text box, which explains the program and the different types of cookies and databases that may be on a computer.

The overall lack of easy-to-use native cookie managers on the App Store makes Safari Cookie for Mac a useful addition to most Mac users' systems.

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