Review: Resolution Calculator checks the image clarity of your photos

Analyze scans and images, to check which resolution you should use.

Resolution Calculator for Mac allows users to analyze both digital photographs and scanned images for the optimal screen resolution they should use. The program's interface is streamlined but not as intuitive as it should be.

The first thing we noticed about Resolution Calculator for Mac was a rather unclear interface. The lack of tutorials or instructions did not help, either. The program window contains two main buttons, one for scanned images and the other for digital images. Clicking and dragging files into the window, which is not clearly labeled, starts the analysis. The program quickly populates a number of empty boxes, including those for pixels size, colors, and document size. The user has the ability to change the measurement standard. A bottom box displays the screen resolution requirements for the best image viewing possible. When changing some of the boxes in the scanned category, the program did force a shutdown on a number of occasions, but the overall functioning was acceptable.

It's far from perfect, but Resolution Calculator for Mac could be useful for users who need to perform basic image analysis to get the best options in place for viewing them in print or online.

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