Review: Convert PDFs into various formats with PDFMate PDF Converter

Convert your PDFs into other formats with this super-easy tool.

With so many free PDF converters to choose from, AnvSoft's PDFMate PDF Converter stands out in a crowded field by offering a super-easy, wizard-based conversion process in an easy-to-use layout. PDFMate bundles six conversion tools in one interface: PDF to EPUB, Text, Image, HTML, SWF, and Word Converters, plus a tool for shrinking multipage PDF documents down to a single page. The latest release of PDFMate PDF Converter, Version 1.6.2, is suitable for Windows XP to 8.

PDFMate's immense, colorful, and clearly-labeled icons and buttons and step-by-step process make it a tool that nearly anyone can use. The program's layout explains the process, which starts with the Add PDF button. We added a test file, which appeared in a gridded list view in the main window. The program offers settings specific to each output file format, such as the ability to include or ignore images and create PDF passwords. PDFMate can process files individually or in batches, too: We simply had to select the files we wanted to process, choose the source or a custom directory, and then choose one of the seven output formats. We chose Doc, Word's output format, which can be a difficult format for some converters, in our experience. PDFMate offers several page merging options, too. We pressed Convert, but the tool produced a nag screen offering a paid upgrade, which we declined, and PDFMate proceeded to convert our file. We pressed Open to access the saved file, which opened normally in Word when we clicked it. The other conversion tools worked just as well, which wasn't surprising since the tool that handles Word docs well usually doesn't have too much trouble with text or HTML. But PDFMate also did a great job with EPUB files, which many eReader owners will doubtless appreciate.

PDFMate PDF Converter's nag screen is a bit annoying, but it doesn't compromise the program's functionality. The premium upgrade adds expanded page ranges and user support and removes the nag; but the free version will suit many users. Though many PDF converters offer ease of use, few are as seamless through each step as PDFMate PDF Converter.

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