Review: Tiny Monsters offers yet another village-building simulator

Build a village populated with monsters to attract money from tourists and level up.

Tiny Monsters doesn't do anything new in the village-building and simulation genre, but it is a well-crafted, fun-to-play game with a few unique twists. While the core concept here is very similar to other games like it, Tiny Monsters has its own unique style and presentation method that make it a good pickup for anyone looking for a new sim.

Tiny Monsters plays much like other games such as Dragon Vale. You will be collecting resources, building habitats, farms, and buildings, and growing monsters that will in turn allow you to build your city even faster. The game is designed to strike a balance between all of the resources involved so that you cannot grow 20 monsters or build 20 farms without first laying the foundation for those things. The result is a slow-playing but ultimately satisfying experience. Combined with a streamlined interface, easy-to-start tutorial, and child-oriented design, Tiny Monsters will have a definite audience.

Of course, like all games in this genre, Tiny Monsters relies heavily on the coin, XP, and fast-forward mechanics. To gain XP, you will need a certain number of coins. To gain coins, you need a certain number of buildings and monsters. And to gain all of the above, you need time or Diamonds, which allow you to speed things up; so you'll either need to pay real-world money to buy more diamonds or wait for timers to fill up so you can keep playing. If this is not an issue for you, however, the game is enjoyable and lighthearted and offers hours of fun.

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