Review: Squaready provides layout tools for Instagram

Adjust the frames, backgrounds, and color schemes of your Instagram photos.

The purpose of Squaready is to provide additional features for Instagram, which is admittedly lacking in some areas when it comes to layout and editing of photos. Unfortunately, because of a poorly designed and labeled interface, Squaready doesn't offer the intuitive add-on that many Instagram users are looking for.

When you first open Squaready, it shows you which buttons to press in which order. Unfortunately, those numbers go away the moment you tap the "Open Picture" button labeled with the number 1. From there, we were tapping and testing each button to find the tools we needed, and even then we found ourselves frequently lost in the menus. The features, themselves, work well enough, but only offer a handful of improvements over what Instagram or other free photo editors do, natively. Combined with numerous pop-ups and integrations with other tools that you may not have, Squaready is a tool that in some cases does more than you need and in others, not quite enough.

If you really need a tool that will add more editing capabilities to your Instagram hobby, then consider Squaready. Because it is designed for Instagram use, it works quite well for prepping existing photos. However, for anyone else looking for a new photo layout or editing app, this is not well designed or presented well enough to get the job done.

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