Review: Space Tower Defender pits you against enemy ships

Twist and turn to shoot enemy ships out of the sky in this fast-paced shooter.

Space Tower Defender is not a tower defense game; rather it is a fast paced turret game in which you must destroy wave after wave of enemies before they can reach you. The quick setup, ease of entry into the mechanics, and enjoyable theme all make it a very well executed game that will keep you entertained for hours.

In Space Tower Defender, you will occupy a tower in the center of the game screen. You can turn the tower and fire by tapping anywhere on the screen around you. This is important, because shortly after starting, enemies start appearing. At first, it is easy to keep up with them, but as the waves increase, you will need to use burst and wave fire shots to take them out around you. Careful distribution of these special shots is necessary to make it through a round, while the game gets increasingly harder, but not so hard as to be impossible. The setup, initial tutorial, and theme of the game are all spot on and the result is quite a bit of fun.

Space Tower Defender is a well-executed game through and through. It doesn't try to do too much, it wears its colorful yet serious theme well, and the mechanics are perfectly suited for any age group just picking up the game. It's a very good game for anyone that enjoys space shooters.

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