Review: Smiley Central expands the options for your text messaging and e-mail

Insert one of dozens of new smiley faces and emoticons into your text messages.

SmileyCentral offers a range of new emoticons, images, and animations for integration into e-mails, Facebook messages, and text messages on your phone or tablet. The result is a fun-to-use, easy-to-set-up app that provides numerous additional options if you are eager to stay in active communication with people in ways that go above and beyond the boring old :) and ;| options you've been using.

The app has dozens of emoticons, smileys, and images built in, upon installation, including seven different categories--many of which are new to the iPhone. You can also download new packs according to the specific types you want. Options include things like politics, football, Cinco de Mayo, animals, and "bad-guy" smileys. You can set favorites from any single emoticon screen and each of them can be instantly copied and pasted into your SMS messages, e-mails or Facebook posts. The app doesn't have quite as many emoticons and graphics as some others on the App Store, but it is easy to use, doesn't have ads on every screen, and each of the graphics is well designed.

If you are looking for a finely-crafted set of emoticons and graphics to expand your options when sending text messages, consider SmileyCentral. It's not a perfect app, and many of the most fun smileys are locked pending in-app purchase, but it generally offers very good value and many options for what to send your friends.

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