Review: Puzzle Craft combines match-three mechanics with RPG world-building

Build your city with match-three puzzle games and smart world-building.

Puzzle Craft is a game that uses two of mobile gaming's most popular genres to create an immediately compelling experience that is addictive and entertaining for a wide audience of players. It is easy to pick up, but hard to master. All of these combined make it one of the best games to hit the App Store in the last few months.

The goal of Puzzle Craft is to build a city. You do this by farming things like wheat, chickens, and pigs, and mining for ore, or cutting down wood. As you build up resources (gathered by completing match-three games), you can spend them to buy upgrades for your city that make it easier to gather resources in the puzzles. Of course, there are downsides to upgrading. Wolves and rats start to appear on your farms, while toxic gas starts to appear in your mines. The balance this creates is perfect for those who want to master the game without alienating players who want to relax and enjoy the puzzle components. It will take hours to master this game, even for those that choose only to build up and not get lost in the puzzle components.

Puzzle Craft is a very well-designed game that manages to be compelling and borderline addictive without using in-app purchases and time limits. If you are eager for a game that will last for days or even weeks of gameplay, check out Puzzle Craft today.

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