Review: Postcards simplifies sending postcards from your phone

Create and send postcards from any of the pictures on your iPhone.

With Postcards, it is possible to create and send an actual paper postcard from your iPhone to anyone in the world in less than a couple of seconds. The cost is higher than you might pay for a ready-made postcard, but the convenience and customization options available make for a very unique, engaging experience, wherever you happen to be traveling.

Postcards is similar to many other apps that offer the same service, but it is streamlined to a certain degree. You open the app and either take or choose a photo to send, then do some light modifications to that image, and flip the postcard over to add a message and an address. To streamline the process if you have lots of friends and family you want to keep posted, it allows the entry of multiple recipients for the same postcard. In fact, everything about Postcards is well thought out, and it generally works quite well from the moment you open it until you have selected an image and set up a postcard.

Developed in Sweden, Postcards will likely work wherever you are traveling. The cost may vary depending on which store you download the app from. In our testing, in the United States, the cost was $2.99 for a single recipient of the postcard. Considering the convenience and customization factor, this is well worth the cost.

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