Review: One Browser offers perfectly-tuned Web browsing on your iPhone

Browse the Web in a mobile-friendly, customizable format.

One Browser manages to bridge the gap between user friendly mobile browsing and the full Internet experience offered by Safari and its contemporaries. The result is an app that is immensely fun to use, customizable on an individual level, fast, and extremely responsive.

The biggest obstacle in using One Browser is that it is very different from other browsers on the iPhone. This alone may be an issue for some users, who will be used to the Safari style of browsing. For the adventurous, however, One Browser has a lot to offer. The home screen is one of its core features, using a Speed Dial interface to make accessing common sites a breeze. Tap the "person" icon on the bottom of the screen and you can log in to Facebook and Twitter, as well. The browser also supports multiple windows, bookmarks, history tracking, and even downloads. Other features include hot site lists, and easy addition of new pages to your speed dial.

There are few apps that so perfectly nail the mobile browsing experience as One Browser. We noticed no slowdown, no compatibility issues, and no bugs in the build we tested, and new features kept appearing, always at the right time. If you are looking for a replacement for Safari or any of the other options on your phone, consider One Browser.

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