Review: Old Picture reskins your images but with severe limitations

Filter and change the theme and style of your photographs to make them look old.

Old Picture does what many other filter apps do, but in a single interface and with more options than other old-time filter apps tend to have. With different filters for old-time photographs, Old Picture has a lot of options that put a fun spin on the filter craze on the iPhone; but it has some serious limitations that make it harder than necessary to use.

The app's home screen is fairly straightforward. Open an image on your device and then choose a filter for it. There are 10 to choose from, initially, and then all of the options are visible at the bottom of the screen. The resulting changes appear onscreen and you can save your image. This all works fairly well, but the basic interface, the lack of labels on any of the filters or the upgrade options, and the lack of other editing features severely hamper what this app is able to do. The technical components work well enough within the narrow context of the app, but there are too many things missing that could have made it easier to use.

The end result is an app that feels half-finished. Old Picture creates some fun pictures, but the lack of sharing, lack of filters, and lack of editing tools are all issues. A paid upgrade unlocks much of this, but the interface still lacks a cohesive look and feel.

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