Review: Num Fun - Addition puts a new twist on adding games

Learn to add different types and lengths of numbers with the fun games of Num Fun.

Num Fun - Addition teaches children addition concepts through the use of a fun yet basic game. It's an intuitive app with solid production qualities that is fun to use, though ultimately limited in features. The trial restrictions also present some issues for anyone looking for free educational apps for their children.

Num Fun - Addition, for the most part, does everything a children's educational app should do, correctly. It looks pretty, it has fun music that is pleasant to listen to, and the interface is very easy for a young child to pick up and use almost instantly. After selecting a level and type of addition problem, students must then solve math problems with a multiple choice selector at the bottom of the screen. When they tap the answer, a flying creature will drop treats into the mouths of other creatures onscreen. You get points for correct answers and successful feedings, and you lose points for incorrect answers. The game forces quick thinking without unnecessary stress.

The game is well thought out and the interface, very kid-friendly. Num Fun - Addition's biggest drawback is the lack of options in the trial edition and the fact that the game will almost certainly get boring after a few plays, without an upgrade. These things aside, it is a good starter app that many parents will be happy to put in front of their children.

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