Review: LUDO is a perfect recreation of the classic board game

LUDO is a fun, engaging board game with numerous themes and options.

Ludo is a classic game, so there are dozens of variants on the App Store, but LUDO Board Game is one of the better options currently available. Offering numerous variants, themes, and attractive 3D visuals, it is one of those games that actually translates quite well to the iPad, even when there are three or four people playing.

The rules of LUDO are the same. Role dice and move tokens around the board, and then fill up your row of spaces at the end. If you've played similar games like Parcheesi, you know the rules to Ludo. The age and ubiquity of the game mean there are dozens of variants on the App Store, but this particular app does many things the others don't. To start, it looks very good. The 3D graphics, combined with numerous theme packs make it an attractive game. The layout for multiplayer, with the screen shifting automatically on a flat iPad, is perfect, as well, and the 3D and 2D dice roll mechanics make it possible to shift between classic and modern versions, easily. The one major drawback here is a lack of a tutorial or rules for anyone that doesn't yet know how to play the game, a small but at times frustrating issue.

If you enjoy Ludo or would like to teach it to a friend or family member, LUDO board game is a perfect app with which to do so. It's well designed, responsive, and fun to play.

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