Review: iZip provides a much-needed--and free--zip-enabled utility for iOS

Zip, unzip, and share your files from a single interface with this feature-rich iOS app.

iZip is at times a mixed bag, with numerous features and responsive performance, but often frustrating navigation. The result is an app that resolves an issue many iOS users have, opening and creating ZIP files; but that will not be a perfect fit for everyone due to the complexities in setting up and using the app.

The core function of iZip works well and is easy to use. This is a very good thing because, for most people, it is the only reason to download iZip. Download a Zip folder to your iPad and you can unzip it with the tap of a button. View photos or files in your Dropbox folder and you can easily zip them up by adding them to a checklist and tapping the "Zip" button. This is all very easy to do and the results are exactly what you'd expect. From there, sending is also fairly easy. However, that's not everything included in iZip. There are dozens more buttons, a file browser, and nine additional app buttons onscreen that sometimes lead to the App Store and other times new features.

If you stick to the core function of iZip--opening and creating Zip folders--then this app will be not only easy to use, but also very useful. If you want to get the most out of the app and use some of the more advanced sharing or browsing tools, it can be tough to navigate the often confusing menu system. The result is a very useful app that seems buried under too many "extras."

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