Review: Instaframe provides dozens of frame and effect options for Instagram

Frame, filter, or edit your photos for use on Instagram.

Instaframe is designed not to replace but to augment Instagram, offering additional tools and features beyond what the core app can do. With a buggy interface, odd menu options, and generally slow load times, it is an app in dire need of additional work before it can be a useful addition to your photo editing suite.

After opening Instaframe, you can choose from one of numerous frames. There are dozens of cutout frames, multiframes, and classic square frames that allow you to change how your images look or to fit a larger photo into the square space used on Instagram. After selecting a frame, you can choose a photo for that frame, add text to the photo or frame, use any number of effects onscreen, or change the frame. All of these menus are conveniently located and labeled, but the load times are often problematic when switching between functions or features. The share menu is a nice surprise here, however, with more than a dozen options for where to send your photos when done.

If you have Instagram, need a tool that will provide framing options, and are willing to deal with some slowdowns, Instaframe is a decent app. It needs additional work to remove some of its more frustrating bugs, but otherwise it works quite well.

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