Review: CorelDraw Fans connects users and shares their creations

Share your creations, comment on other users' content, and more, in this supplemental iPhone app.

CorelDraw Fans attempts to integrate social connectivity into the always popular Corel Draw platform with mixed results. Using a combination of dated technologies and social sharing features, it is both an engaging experience for longtime Corel Draw users and a frustrating one for anyone with other photo or design sharing apps for their iOS device.

Corel Draw Fans has a very basic interface, consisting of a handful of buttons and the ability to log in using a API key. You can also log in as a guest, meaning you can use the app without having an official online account, but many of the app's functions are unavailable or limited if you do this. Once you log in, you can interact with the forum, view the gallery of designs from other users, or upload your own designs. While the sharing features work well, we found generally slow load times for the message board and galleries, combined with limited sorting features and no way to search by artist from within the gallery. Viewing the photos in the app works well, but the social functions feel dated and only connect to Facebook and Twitter.

CorelDraw Fans is a good app for anyone who uses or is an avid user of the software. It is also, however, an app in need of an overhaul using modern design and interface options. With better search tools and quicker browsing functions, it could be a truly great app.

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