Review: Amazon Cloud Player makes your music mobile without locking it down

Purchase and play Amazon MP3 music anywhere, or add your personal library and take it on the go.

Amazon Cloud Player allows you to take your music with you wherever you go, whether you download it to your device or not. Amazon's app rates high for a number of reasons, from the intuitive, quick-loading interface to the recognition that this is your music and you want to play it your way.

You have two options when loading Amazon Cloud Player for the first time--either log in to your Amazon Cloud Player account (where all of your purchased Amazon MP3s will be ready to play) or play music already on your iPad in your Music library. After you log in, your music will populate onscreen and you can select any song to start playing. While the iPad and iPhone have different interfaces, the mechanics are roughly the same as most music players. Swipe to change songs. Hold the album cover to save it to a playlist. Download a song from the cloud to your device with the tap of a button. Search functions are fast, genre splits are accurate, and you can view songs by cloud or device.

In short, Amazon Cloud Player is a very good app that builds on the strong Amazon library of digital apps to provide a fantastic experience for playing, downloading, and annotating your music. If you have an Amazon account and download music through it, this is a must-have app.

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