Review: Times Tables Game offers a colorful if limited multiplication learning tool

Practice times tables in this accessible children's app.

Times Tables Game does a good job of tapping into many of the things that make a good educational app for the iPad, but it is missing some very important components. Due to a limited trial, sometimes messy interface, and convoluted menu system, it works best when a parent directly oversees play by the child.

Times Tables Game is designed to help children learn their times tables in a colorful, easy-to-use interface. With animals, lots of bright colors, and flowers onscreen, combined with light animations, the app is pleasant to look at, though it can get busy and the directions are not always immediately apparent on most screens. Difficulty level can be set from any screen and the games do a good job of scaling based on the level selected by your child. Combined with high scorekeeping, a challenge mode, and even an online hall of fame to see the highest scores in the game, Times Tables Game is an ambitious creation.

The free version of Times Tables Game only provides challenges from 1-6. The paid version is needed to unlock all the way up to 12; but for young children just learning their times tables, this is a good place to start, offering a number of options and fun ways to start learning those times tables.

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