Reviews: Things to Spot is a well-crafted hidden object game, fun for all ages

Tap and find the hidden objects with cues from the game.

Things to Spot perfectly captures the mood and fancy of children in a way that makes it ideal for that age group. It provides an engaging, entertaining experience that is perfectly suited for children - from pre-school to upper elementary.

The goal of Things to Spot is to find and tap objects in a scene as they are shown. A card in the top-right corner will show an item and how many are on the screen. The player must then find and tap each of them to circle and call it out. Each scene is rich with detail, but not so much that the game is needlessly hard. Bright colors, fun music, and an animation style that is unique and engaging to children offer hours of potential entertainment. There are, unfortunately, some performance issues--from slow loading of each puzzle to the delay in loading screens on the homepage that hamper the overall impact of the app--but the search and find puzzles, themselves, run smoothly, and the interface is perfect for young users.

If you are looking for the next game to share with your young child, then consider Things to Spot. This app is perfectly suited for children of all ages and offers enough variety, in terms of the puzzles and how they play, to keep your children coming back for more--again and again.

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