Review: Stick Texting Lite livens and customizes texting in a new, exciting way

Send predrawn stick figure drawings to your friends in text or e-mail.

Stick Texting is a great concept that can turn boring text messages and e-mails on their head. The free app has a number of limitations, but even without the full library of animated and standard stick drawings, this is an app that you'll continue using over and over again to customize your text messages.

The iPhone (and any device like it) has changed how people send text messages. Images, emoticons, and animations are now easy to send from device to device, especially with Apple's free Messages service. Stick Texting takes advantage of that by allowing you to copy and paste stick figures from the app into your messages to be sent to family or friends. Just tap on any of the stick figures in the app and it will be automatically copied to your clipboard, and then tap the paste button in the text message or e-mail window that opens afterward to make it appear. It's very easy to use and the result is hilarious.

The variety of stick drawings is limited in the Lite version to only 10 options--each with or without the punchline intact. The paid version, which is only $0.99, contains dozens of the animations, and they are often very well done. This is a very easy-to-use and very funny app that can upgrade your text messaging capabilities with a couple quick tips, and we highly recommend it to anyone growing bored with emoticons and Emoji animations.

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