Review: Picture Perfect! offers many fine photo editing features, but is messy

Take and edit photos with a feature-rich but messy photo editor.

Picture Perfect! combines a number of features common in other free photo editing apps into a full scale iPad tool that is effective, but ultimately weighed down by a messy interface. While it is an effective app, it lacks many of the features needed to make it a must-have tool.

The app opens to the main editing screen where you can take or import a photo, reset the photo onscreen back to the original, or adjust the app by drawing on it, changing colors, auto-correcting for things like brightness and contrast, and more. The onscreen guide shows you what each of these buttons does and there are not too many sub-menus to get lost in. It's still a bit convoluted, but it works well enough on the iPad's screen. At any time you can draw on the screen with a finger, creating composite images like the matching one provided by the app's developers. One of the finer features here is an automatic camera timer so you can frame and jump into photos, though it does lack social media share buttons.

Picture Perfect! is a good app that provides numerous features that other free photo editors do not. While ad supported, the ads are never too intrusive and the app runs smoothly on the iPad. Ultimately, it offers only a handful of tools to make it stand out over other free apps, but if you are eager for a timer on your camera or tap-and-draw functionality, it's worth checking out.

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