Review: Pic Maker is a feature-rich photo editing app that doesn't quite stand out

Create pictures and add effects with this point-and-tap iPhone app.

Pic Maker, while finely made and easy to use, doesn't quite reach must-download status due to its lack of innovation. Combining many of the category's most popular features, it supplies a good all around experience, making it an app most will enjoy using.

The purpose of Pic Maker is exactly as it sounds. Choose a style, take a photo, and edit it with captions, additional images, or cutouts. There are quite a few filters here, and most of them work quite well; but the subtlety of many and the relatively limited sharing options (compared to other apps), make it less effective as an all-purpose replacement for something like Instagram or EyeEm. All that said, what Pic Maker does, it does well. It has a number of backgrounds, filters, and frame options, it works quickly, and the load times and lag present in many photo editors rarely pop up. Combined with a clean, clutter-free interface, it's a well-constructed app.

The developers of Pic Maker have created an app that combines many features common in other free photo editing apps into a single, easy-to-use interface. They haven't taken that next step to make this a must-have app, but if you are looking for something easy to use and free, consider Pic Maker.

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