Review: Moving Art features dozens of artistic films with deep social integration

Watch visually-arresting videos of the world's locations and more.

The new Moving Art app from Louie Schwartzberg takes a series of videos of locations and landscapes and combines them into arresting imagery in video format. Displayed on the iPad's gorgeous retina display screen, the results are at times breathtaking, but can at times suffer from a lack of direction.

The result of Schwartzberg's work is an engaging but often slow and very large app that can be soothing but will certainly be best for a certain audience. Open the app after the long download process, and Moving Art gives you a number of videos to choose from. There are dozens of them, each categorized according to the location, mood, or style of the video. Video lengths range from three to four minutes to 30 minutes or longer, and each video allows you to comment, share, or like. The message boards on Schwartzberg's Web site are included in the app, as well, and you can directly interact with either him or the other fans of the app. Overall, the effect is impressive and engaging--whether you are an art buff or simply want to watch a soothing, relaxing video.

Moving Art is a well-made app that accurately represents the work of Louie Schwartzberg on the iPad. It offers a full multimedia experience in a way that few apps, even those designed for similar interactions, can. At the same time, it is sometimes slow and cumbersome, and the interface is fairly rudimentary. If you enjoy Schwartzbergs' work or would like to see some truly relaxing videos, however, this is a great place to start.

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