Review: Message Editor makes fake iOS messages to share with friends

Create fake messages and share the screenshots with friends.

An app like Message Editor is a great way to compose and share messages without actually engaging in a conversation or making a fool of yourself with a friend or family member. Perfect for joke conversations, fake images or memes, or just having fun on social networks, Message Editor emulates the interface of the iOS messenger, well.

To use Message Editor, tap on any of the pre-filled word bubbles onscreen. You can then edit the message, the time the message was sent, and any images attached to that message. You can also edit the sender of the messages from the settings menu and share the current screen with friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Sina Weibo. The finished screenshots look almost identical to the message screen on your iPhone, and you can easily make changes to them in real time between screenshots before sharing. While responsible use would be to mark somewhere on the photo that it's not real, there are no rules saying you must, and the results could be funny or devastating depending on who uses the app.

If you are eager to create funny conversations via text message to share on Facebook or Twitter, Message Editor is a great app in which to do it. This free app allows you to do just about anything you can imagine, even the ridiculous.

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