Review: Math Fractions: Proper, Improper & Mixed uses an effective formula

Help children learn the difference between types of fractions with this free app.

In the case of Math Fractions: Proper, Improper & Mixed, we found an app well suited to many age groups and types of learners, whether preparing for a test in fractions or just learning what they are. The result is a sometimes uneven, but ultimately entertaining app that is perfect for learning these early math concepts.

Math Fractions is built for kids from the start. The interface is a child's room, complete with toys and gadgets and an avatar that your child can dress and use to maneuver the room. While it is a static screen and the interface can get cluttered at times, the overall effect is good and engaging for most young children. The games, themselves, are also well designed, making it easy for a child to instantly dive into the process of learning the difference between proper and improper fractions and performing basic functions. While math is always at the core of these games, they are designed to be fun--something that shows at every step of the process.

Whether your children are struggling to understand the basic concepts of fractions in their math homework or they need a new tool to help them study for an upcoming test, consider Math Fractions. The free version is relatively limited in content scope, but it offers a great introduction and engaging interface for early learners.

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