Review: Math Fractions: Multiplication & Division engages young learners

Learn fractions through multiplication and division problems in this engaging educational app.

The purpose of Math Fractions: Multiplication & Division is to make the process of learning fractions as fun as possible for children who have been weaned on video games and electronic devices for the last decade. The app as a whole does a fine job of turning learning into an engaging game and ensuring there are apt rewards in place for a job well done.

The app is designed to thoroughly involve a young child in the process of learning fractions. It does this by first asking them to create an avatar and dress them for integration into this game world. After being dressed and completing a practice exam, the avatar can play more games, interact with high score tables, or play in the digital room that has been created in-app. While the interface can be a bit cluttered, it is well constructed and fun to engage with. The math problems, themselves--the stars of this app's show--are well integrated with the free and paid games in the app and make the process of pushing for a high score as fun as possible.

If your children are learning fractions and need an extra boost--whether to motivate them to learn more or to perform better on tests--Math Fractions: Multiplication & Division is a good place to start. This is a well-crafted app that, despite its shortcomings, does a good job of making fractions fun in all their many forms.

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