Review: Math Fractions: Introduction teaches math on a messy interface

Give your child a basic introduction to fractions in this fun game world.

The developers behind Math Fractions: Introduction manage to take the same winning formula they've used in other math-based games and apply it effectively to the development and execution of a game world and quiz structure that is fun and educational for all levels of learners.

When your child first starts using Math Fractions: Introduction, they are prompted to create a character, name that character, and give them clothing. They are then dropped into a typical child's room that they can explore by tapping around. While the resulting interface is a bit messy and hard to navigate, the effect is more engaging than the clean interface of many other math tutoring apps. The real stars of the Math Fractions show, though, are the games. The games are designed to emulate different types of popular video games, while teaching important fraction concepts and engaging children in a way that normal homework cannot. It's not exactly exciting, but the rush for high scores and the thrill of learning will drive many learners to keep playing.

The free version of Math Fractions: Introduction is fairly limited, but it offers enough engaging content to be an exciting alternative to traditional study tools. It's easy to use, fun to play, and the rewards for learning are substantial. If you are looking for a good educational math tool for your iPad, this is a good place to start.

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