Review: Math Fractions: Equivalent, Like & Unlike is an effective tutoring tool

Learn fraction concepts with this free, intuitive app.

Math Fractions: Equivalent, Like & Unlike is an engaging game-oriented math learning app, and is a fine example of how to make an experience both educational and fun. It has some issues, namely with its menu system and interface, but overall it works quite well in teaching young children difficult math concepts.

There are two major elements to the Math Fractions apps (of which there are many variants). The first is the game world, itself--a room in which children can create and dress an avatar to look or act however they want. The second is the collection of fraction-based games that teach concepts like fractions through gameplay and high-score leaderboards. This gamification aspect is entertaining, even after multiple play throughs, and while the interface can get cluttered at times, the overall experience is finely crafted and delivered in a way that will be engaging to any child trying to learn these concepts.

If you are trying to find an app that accurately depicts the process of learning math concepts, this is a great place to start. The free version of the app is filled with games and activities, combined with the rush of chasing a high score that will push children to not only learn these concepts, but excel at them. It's not a perfect app and the in-app purchase structure can get pricey, but overall it is a finely-crafted educational tool.

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