Review: Math Puzzles for Kids Lite is diminished by buggy controls

Solve age-appropriate math puzzles with grid-based onscreen guides.

Math Puzzles for Kids Lite is an app with many good ideas but some major issues in terms of execution that can make it both boring and frustrating for the children who would benefit most from it. With performance issues related to the touch interface and limited gameplay options, it needs some upgrades before it can offer a truly engaging math experience.

Math Puzzles for Kids Lite comes with 36 puzzles including addition and subtraction, comparison problems, and logical thinking. The puzzles are all designed for early elementary and preschool-age children (as they learn math concepts), and the execution of the problems is well designed. Children are shown a number of options for a problem like "1-1=" and must choose the answer. However, the touch interface is off at times and the response is not always immediate, which can be a major issue when the app is being used by small children. Combined with the limited number of puzzles, this app is lacking enough content and execution to be an effective math learning tool.

If your children are starting to learn early math concepts like value comparisons, addition, subtraction, or basic logic, Math Puzzles for Kids Lite might be a good app for early practice. However, due to the lack of content in the free version and the performance issues we experienced, it is not one we'd recommend for prolonged practice or training with these concepts.

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