Review: Geography Friendzy makes it easy to test basic geography knowledge

Test your geography knowledge against players around the globe.

Geography Friendzy is a fun and engaging way to teach children geography, though it has a number of limitations that make it hard to properly match the skill level of the student to the app.

When you first open Geography Friendzy, you can choose to immediately compete against players from around the globe in an answer-first quiz game or you can run through the practice questions provided in a flash card-style interface. There are dozens of questions for each level, and multiple levels to master. Unfortunately, this is one of the app's biggest issues. You cannot unlock higher levels until you complete lower levels. Because the levels are knowledge-based, higher-level students will be bored early with level one and two geography questions. The online play works well, however, rewarding players for any correct answer, with bonus points for answering first. We found numerous players online at any given time, which made it easy to create a new match and test our knowledge.

The goal of Geography Friendzy is to make geography fun and engaging for any age student with competition between users around the globe. If you have children studying geography, this is a great free app to get them engaged in the subject matter. Without any visible limitations due to the free price tag and with a lot of questions on hand, it will keep them busy for hours, though initial setup can be frustrating if they are at a higher level than the game's initial questions.

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