Review: FaceBody mashes photographed faces onto animated bodies

Create mashup animations with real world faces.

FaceBody is an interesting app in that it gives you two options for how to create and manage the animated bodies and heads you create in your images. The core draw of the app is that you can place your own face (or that of someone you know) on the body of a cartoon character, but this is purely optional, and the result is an interesting array of slightly awkward animated figures.

When you open the app, you can choose to take a photo of your face right away (or anyone else's). A handy onscreen guide shows you where your eyes and mouth need to be on the screen to maximize the effectiveness of the image. Snap the photo and it will be processed and placed on the cartoon body of a character in the app. On this screen you can change the body, hairstyles, or background of the image. You can also add captions or tags to the image and save it for sharing. The process works well, though it is easy to accidentally change your face to a cartoon face and for some reason all faces are drawn on post-it note shaped boxes instead of actual face-shaped objects. It's a strange result that is amusing, but only for the initial use of the app.

Download FaceBody for a fun, though short-lived experience. The app is ad-supported and works completely free of pro upgrades, and it's easy to share your creations with friends, making it a perfect diversion if you enjoy photo editing or manipulation.

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