Review: Comic Book Camera puts a twist on photo filtering

Create comic inspired, black & white photos with the camera on your iPhone or iPad.

Comic Book Camera is an impressive photo filtering app, managing to go above and beyond most other free options. Some of the photo apps on the App Store are incredible in what they enable your camera to do. From active filters that layer over your lens to video editing software, developers have done some impressive things with the camera in these devices. Comic Book Camera does all of this and more with a unique twist.

The premise of Comic Book Camera is to convert your photos into black & white, comic-style images that you can edit and add text bubbles to. The interface is very rudimentary, opening to the camera immediately and showing you what your images will look like when you take the photo. You can change the effect with higher or lower levels, adding different stroke types, and once the photo is taken, adding graphics, word bubbles, and textures. The resulting images are incredible and the sharing function is built in perfectly, creating an app that delivers on its impressive promise.

What Comic Book Camera does is not revolutionary, but it is very fun, and the app is well designed, making it easy to use and quick to pick up and share content with. If you are eager to find a new filter app for your photos that is different from what you are used to, Comic Book Camera is a great one to check out and the free version provides many of the built-in features you'll want.

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