Review: Color Photo Edit streamlines and optimizes photo editing

Apply filters to images in real time and carefully adjust their effects.

Color Photo Edit almost completely eliminates the wait time common in most photo editing apps, allowing you to change things like color levels, brightness, and contrast, and see the results in real time in your image of choice. The result is an easy-to-use, feature-rich app that goes above and beyond many of its peers without overloading users with too many menus or buttons.

Color Photo Edit opens with a test image so you can see how the tools work. You can also easily load your own photo or take a new one and play with it. The basic menu allows you to adjust brightness, color, and contrast, which works best on a high-contrast image, but has a profound effect on almost any image you load. Other filters include inversions, color swaps, sepia overtones, and others from a robust menu. You can also flip and rotate images, add layers and edit them, add text to the image, and more, all of this within the free version of the app. The finished photo will then render and can be exported and shared with friends.

Color Photo Edit is easy to use, smartly designed, and extremely fast--three things that make it one of the better free photo editing apps on the App Store today. If you are looking for a robust, quick photo editor, check out Color Photo Edit today.

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