Review: Celebrity Clicks puts you behind the camera lens

Become the paparazzi in this celebrity-focused photo editor.

Celebrity Clicks is different from other photo editing apps on the App Store, offering all of the same filters and editing tools you are used to but with the added ability to download images of celebrities. You can then edit these celebrity photos, inserting your own pictures and backgrounds, before sharing with friends.

When you first download Celebrity Clicks, only four celebrities will be available, but there are dozens more you can download for free from the home screen. The interface is easy to use and intuitive in that all of the editing options are onscreen with your image. Tap any celebrity and you can start editing. Every celebrity image is on a blank background and each celebrity comes with a pack of three images to choose from. You can change saturation, brightness, contrast, and background image, or you can take a photo of yourself or a different background and place it behind the celebrity. Snap the photo and you can add additional filters before uploading--all of this being very easy to do.

Celebrity Clicks is an interesting twist on the photo editing and filtering craze spearheaded by apps like Instagram. Allowing you to put yourself in the photos with celebrities, change those images to your heart's content, and build a library of custom images is fun and works well with the tools provided by the app's developer.

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