Review: Black & White Master easily customizes photos in black & white

Convert images to black & white and adjust them with swipe gestures.

Black & White Master takes one of the most frustrating components of photo editing on the iPhone and makes it as intuitive and easy to do as possible, using swipe and touch gestures built into the app's interface. It is not the best photo editing app on the App Store, but certainly a very fun one to use.

Black & White Master performs exactly as it sounds, allowing you to turn your photos into black & white images (or take new ones in black & white). When you open the app, you will select or take an image, and you can then start editing it. You can choose from a preset level of brightness and contrast from the list on the bottom of the screen or you can swipe the photo up/down or left/right to adjust them on the fly. All of it works quite well and the resulting images look great. The saving and sharing functions are well integrated with Facebook and Twitter and the touch elements work perfectly.

While the free version of Black & White Master won't allow you to use any of the more advanced filters, the free version is plenty to give you a clear idea of what this app offers. It's well constructed, easy to use, and with its intuitive touch gestures, it provides an exceptional experience that any photo editor will enjoy.

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